**Please Read Before Registering**

Our fee is a one-time payment; recruits will not owe anything else for the duration of the Membership Plan.  Membership lasts until the graduation of the recruit.

  • $26.99 for ALL Recruits


We will never make any guarantees that a recruit will get an offer as a result of their registration and purchase of the AL Recruiting Membership Plan. 

If you purchase the AL Recruiting Membership Plan, this is what you can expect: 

1. All of your information will be added to ALRecruiting.com.  Your detailed information will be viewed by College Coaches that frequently use our site.  

2. Recruits will have a profile page added to ALRecruiting.com.  No contact or personal information will be made public. 

3. First priority on all of our social media accounts. (Recruit Must Tag Us)

If you have any questions, email admin@alrecruiting.com 

AL Recruiting Membership Plan

AL Recruiting Membership Plan Registration